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I am a poet without a mother tongue.

Driven by Sehnsucht- a longing so deep- it has no beginning and no end. I see the world through the languages I speak of which I master none.

ebtihalshedid (at) gmail (dot) com

Ebti is a multidisciplinary artist, a self-taught photographer and a translator living between Cairo and San Francisco.


She received her MFA in Fine Art from the California College of the Arts in 2021. Her practice is informed by languages, theater, literature, music and her family’s making-traditions she never got to learn. Through this multifaceted, dislocated lens she looks at the ideas of home, belonging, and attachment.


Though her work is rooted in photography, she is constantly looking for new materials and methods that will best translate her ideas. Once she starts working on a project, she embraces notions of accident and failure. Her practice is ever-evolving and is influenced by her restlessness


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