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Involuntary vertigo

It’s about time.

Yesterday is a door that allows us to walk into a story, a narrative, a history.
Today is a chair we sit in, rest in, wait in, like a lamp in a window.
Tomorrow is a table, it’s what we put our stories on, leaving them behind and they outlive us. The objects don’t matter,
it is about creating a space, a space to exist and to tell stories.
A home of stories that shows us where we come from and where we are heading.

My work is based on/in an ever growing, ever evolving archive, going back and forth between homes and existences.
How would this horizontal move feel if it was vertical? I feel I exist in all those places at the same time while also feeling placeless.

A desperate attempt to grounding myself. I layer images of floors, walls, doors, windows of domestic spaces I live in between Cairo -my home town and San Francisco -a half chosen exile.

Those digital photographs were partially printed, layered and re-photographed and partially layered in photoshop.
This way I create dizzying portals that transport the viewer from one place to another, falling into the abyss and being grounded at the same time.

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