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This is the wall I see from the window of the apartment I live in, in San Francisco. I see this wall every day. Big, gray, staring at me! Having worked from home for the past 5 years I have been staring back.

The way it changes color with every hour and every day and every season. I started photographing the wall in 2016 and I am still doing it today. It's a documentation of change in stillness. A diary. 

But then they are in a pile that both shows the passage of time and makes it irrelevant.

حائط حاضر، يذكرني بأن كل شيء كما هو ولكن الواقع هو أن لون الحائط يتغير كل دقيقة. يوميات تغيرات ثابتة. الاستقرار سراب والتغيير وعد.  تتجمع الأيام كلها في كومة غير مهمة، مهملة كالوقت الذي مضى.

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